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About E.L.K. America

Created in 1999, was introduced to specialty stores worldwide with overwhelming enthusiasm. Since then, our brand has excelled in the art of designing children's clothing. 


All of our designs are produced with the highest quality in mind. E.L.K. America has a team dedicated to discovering the best of fit, design, and functionality in children's wear.  We never stop improving and updating our fabric.  Our organic collection is quickly growing and is among the safest and Earth-friendliest clothing for kids.


ELK America style is American classic balanced with current trends. Preppy with a sense of fun, E.L.K. America apparel gives timeless clothes like polos, button-ups and sweaters a playful twist that's perfect for kids. 


Our clothing has been featured in publications such as Child Magazine, New York Weddings, and Earnshaws Magazine.

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